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AstroTime Maps

A Time Map consultation is an in depth analysis of themes and trends for the year ahead which explores all areas of life from health and work to finance and relationships.  A Time Map is designed to help you make choices about the path you intend to take in the months to come.

Whether dealing with business issues or personal questions a Time Map identifies key periods of change.  From this knowledge comes the chance to focus on and make informed choices about the unfolding pattern of your life.

By identifying periods of peak creativity or quiet introversion, times of optimum opportunity or times for suitable pause an Astro Time Map dynamically connects you to the rhythm of your life. 

A Time Map offers you a route through life uniquely and personally tailored to your individual circumstances.

If you are starting a new business enterprise, reassessing your career or seeking guidance in how to negotiate uncertain emotional territory   -  timing is all.  Be prepared.