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AstroTime Maps Testimonials

Dear Pamela,
"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking so much time and effort when talking to me about my Time Map.
It was lovely meeting you and I found our meeting incredibly helpful. 
It has really given me hope and faith that everything will be OK, one way or the other.
I have been mulling everything over, but I must say that last night I had the best night's sleep in ages!
I would love to get in touch again once the holidays are over, but in the meantime thank you very much!"                                                                                                  Jane Phillips

Hi Pamela,
I am keen to keep in touch with you as much of the Time Map appears to be coming true – no surprise there!
The business is doing well.  Our production line which had been struggling is now turning a corner.   We have picked up a huge batch of orders from a competitor who has gone bust.
I am rushing to Germany to look to purchase some of their equipment.
So we have had good fortune in the past five months and indeed some amazing opportunities.   Interesting as the Map identifies these chance happenings and sudden trips."                                        D. Dodds

"Having a Time Map done somehow gave structure to my recent experience.  It put things in place. 
It seemed to map important points of reference not just in the future but from the past too.  A link began to be formed which helped me make sense of a number of things and that was very confirming.  It resonated with me and felt true. 
The Map explored processes I was already living through helping to explain not just where I had come from, but where I was going. 
Somehow it gave me context and that brings great relief because then you can begin to have a plan.
It had great clarity and has been surprisingly accurate."                                    Pamela Moolman

“…………………….having a Time Map to refer to is like taking off a blindfold.  Now I
can see where I am going.  It has made navigating through my current life journey so much more manageable.  Now I can prepare more for what is coming and cope with what is here.                                      Deborah A

“………… have been a brilliant beacon of light for me in these tough few months.”                      Mary Roy

Pamela is an astrologer’s astrologer.  Although I am an astrologer myself whenever I find myself stuck in my work, I ask Pamela.           Peter Hagedorn